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what i've noticed about exo fandom and how they deal with their bias feels
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u evr stay up at night thinking bout how capitalism is ruining your life

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Fantastic Baby was supposed to be the last song. While seungri was talking, the music started. Seungri stopped the music and spent more time talking with the fans[x]

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With the recent influx of sexy concepts within the K-pop industry, many K-pop fans have more or less involuntarily slipped into the concept of slut- and body-shaming. This post is not trying to point at any of the people who said negative things - but much rather a reminder that statements like those are absolutely not okay. It’s an appeal to you not to think like maybe your bias does. Everyone makes mistakes, we learn with time. But next time you see a girl group dancing in revealing clothes or a picture of a female idol who put on some weight, think twice before you post a comment. Misogyny is a very real thing in K-pop, so don’t be a part of it!
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3 different types of EXO fangirls

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SJM official site update.

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Please note that, in the light of the Jindo Island ferry disaster tragedy, it is highly advisable that all fans heed to the established advice, and refrain from trending birthday related tags for Luhan’s upcoming birthday. This is not only out of respect and sensitivity towards the…

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Don’t trend my birthday on facebook, twitter, weibo, etc. Just keep praying for the victims. That’s my wish!
—Jessica Jung (weibo)
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In the light of the South Korean ferry accident, I won’t be posting any kpop material on this tumblr for a while. It won’t affect the situation itself, but it’s just a small gesture on my part to mourn for the deceased. I’m honestly heartbroken by what had happened, especially after reading screenshots of the KKT messages of the victims. I hope that the number of survivors will increase with the rescue attempts. My heart goes out to the grieving families and those still waiting for their loved ones.

*an admin note though, I have posts queued for this tumblr, and I can’t seem to stop these queued posts from getting posted. I’ve set it to the absolute minimum post rate, though, and I’ll take down any posts whenever I come online.